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Visible Mending Workshop in Hayward August 31

Visible Mending Workshop in Hayward August 31

Visible Mending is a creative way to extend the life of clothing and household items while embellishing them for a unique look. We will cover woven mends with Speedweve style looms as well as decorative embroidery. After this class, you'll look at holes and stains as opportunities rather than tragedies!

Techniques will include:

  • Woven mends using a Speedweve darning loom
  • Mending with embroidery including reinforcing fabric through patching and using backstitch, split stitch, chain stitch, daisy stitch, French knots, and woven roses. 

This workshop will take place at Aranea Craft Studio, 943 C Street in Hayward, CA.

A Note on Pricing: There is a sliding scale for low-income makers, on the honor system.

Materials Needed:  items to mend OR fabric for practicing, embroidery hoop, embroidery needle, embroidery floss, scissors, Speedweve style mending loom, fingering weight yarn or mending thread or sashiko thread. Optional: disappearing ink fabric marking pen

Materials Kits Are Available - you can order in advance with code SeeYouSoon to avoid shipping costs, or pay in person at the workshop.

Teacher Background: I have worked in the yarn industry since 2002, as a yarn shop employee and later manager, teacher, pattern designer, and event host.

Cancellation Policy: If the organizer cancels for any reason, students will be offered a choice of transferring to another workshop or receiving a full refund. If a student cancels with at least 72 hours notice, they can choose to receive an 80% refund or transfer to another class.